He Started It!: My Twitter War With Trump

In 2013, Donald Trump got involved in his first sustained Twitter War. Unfortunately for Trump, in this endeavor as in so very many others, he was not up to the task. If you’re someone with no discernible sense of humor – someone for whom ridicule is like Kryptonite – a professional comedy writer would not be an ideal opponent with whom to engage. He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump is the complete record (with commentary) of Donald Trump’s hilarious three-month-long delusion that he was outwitting Danny Zuker. Preface by Paul Slansky.


He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump

100% OF AUTHOR ROYALTIES GOES TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD, RAICES (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) and the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND.

Danny Zuker @DannyZuker is a five-time Emmy Award Winner, Comedy Writer/Producer, Podcast Host, TEDxTalk Speaker and Author of He Started It!: My Twitter War With Trump (September 10, 2018). Zuker is currently an Executive Producer/Writer for ABC’s hit comedy TV show, Modern Family, where he’s worked for the past nine years. Previously, Zuker worked on more than a dozen TV shows, including Evening Shade, Roseanne, Just Shoot Me, and, as Trump so cleverly tweeted at him, “so many flops.” As a regular at The Hollywood Improv Comedy Club, Zuker is part of the Smash Story show team. Zuker started out as an intern on The Howard Stern Show. His work has appeared in many media, including CNN, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Deadline, Mashable, The Hill, IFC and more. Zuker delights his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers daily by trolling the leader of the free world. http://hestartedit.com

Paul Slansky @slansky is a Writer, Producer, Political Satirist, Author and the Editor of He Started It!: My Twitter War With Trump (September 10, 2018). Slansky is the author of the best seller The Clothes Have No Emperor: A Chronicle of the American ‘80s and five other books (including My Bad: The Apology Anthology and The George W. Bush Quiz Book) that savagely mock the idiots, hypocrites and demagogues who masquerade as our “leaders.”  On the big screen, Slansky is best-known as the Co-Writer of the feature film Picture Perfect, starring Jennifer Aniston. His magazine profiles, essays and humor pieces have appeared in dozens of publications, among them The New Yorker, The New York Times, Esquire, and Spy. Slansky’s self-described missions are “Amassing a memory for Americans allergic to accountability and addicted to amnesia” and, through his website www.TrumpelThinSkin.com and his relentless tweeting, “Inducing apoplexy in Donald J. Trump.” http://hestartedit.com


Author Royalties Go To Causes Trump Hates

Sept. 10, 2018

PLANNED PARENTHOOD, RAICES (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) and the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND


“As a co-discoverer of how a short-fingered vulgarian rises to the bait when you repeatedly call him a short-fingered vulgarian in print, I was delighted to see a version of Spy's experiment replicated 25 years later on social media. Well-played, Danny Zuker!”

– Kurt Andersen, author of Fantasyland

He Started It! preserves this lopsided battle of wits! Spellbinding Rope-A-Dope Tweets – kinda like watching Don Rickles debate Shemp Howard, or a really good Bugs Bunny vs Elmer Fudd cartoon. Fun. #HighlyRecommended

– Mark Hamill, actor

"Just when you thought one man's tweets might destroy us, Danny Zuker's brilliant collection is here to save the day ... and possibly the country." - Sandra Bernhard, comedian

"Those who scoffed at Kellyanne Conway's recollection of the Bowling Green Massacre will appreciate Danny Zuker's hilarious Twitter beatdown of our current president. Remember that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the armless and legless Black Knight keeps intoning, ''Tis but a scratch' and 'Just a flesh wound'? That."

– Harlan Coben, author 





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